November – getting closer to Showtime!

Check out our events page for our concert schedule.

The music is coming together and we are sounding great!   Our first concert is in December and we are ready to ring!!

We have all positions filled and are really pleased with the quality of musicians in this performing group.  Harmony Ringers Handbell Choir has come together beautifully and is creating great Christmas music.


2009 Christmas Season Begins!

Rehearsals are in full swing.   We are working hard to get the music just right.

Our solo piece this year is quite difficult.  I love it best when it is hard and we nail it!

We have had a couple of people who can’t return this year and a couple new members.  We are still short one, which means the rest of us have to divide the extra bells between us.  If you are in Vegas and are looking to join a great advanced handbell choir, please contact our director,

Spring 2009 Season Finale

Playing today at Brad’s church was fun.  Sun City Ringers started the concert off great.  This was the best I have ever heard them play.  They were on fire!  Harmony Ringers followed with their usual flair.  This concert was bittersweet because after it was over we said goodbye.  I am going to miss you guys.

This concert ends the 2008-2009 year.  We are looking for new ringers to fill spots for the 2009-2010 season.  If you can read music well and have experience playing handbells, contact Janet Ty, our director.

See you back in the Fall for the Christmas season.

By the way, Harmony Ringers hires out for parties and concerts and events.  If you are interested in learning more, email our director, Janet Ty:

AGO Concert

Southern Nevada Chapter, American Guild of Organists had their final performance of the season.  Harmony Ringers was one of the guest performers.  This was a fun concert for us to play.  The music we played was written by Bruce Saylor and was very complicated with a lot of dissonance and odd timing.   It was great to have Bruce Saylor at the concert especially since most of the music that night was composed by him.  Other guests performers were The Las Vegas Master Singers Chamber Chorale, A Brass Quartet with Timpani and solo organist Stephen Harouff.  After the concert, refreshments were served in the lobby.

As we were packing up the bells and accessories, a few children came up to talk to us about the bells.  I learned that we were the favorite group of the night 🙂  for the children.   Playing handbells is a lot of fun.  This was a nice concert to be a part of.

Boulder City Concert

Today was the first concert of our Spring Season.  We performed at the Senior Center in Boulder City.  Lots of fun!  By the end of the concert, I was laughing so hard.  Oh My!  And so were many of the other musicians.  The music we play is very difficult.  Often times, we have wicked key changes, lots of accidentals and a racing tempo to play to.    It doesn’t get better than this!

We have two more concerts next weekend!  Saturday is at UNLV for the “American Guild of Organists” concert – Guest organist Stephen Harouff from Baltimore.  “The Chamber Chorale of the Las Vegas Master Singers, the Las Vegas Harmony Handbell Ringers and a brass ensemble with timpani will all contribute to this wondrous concert.”  Should be amazing…   Sunday we are ringing at “Unitarian-Universalist Congregation of Las Vegas”, a concert for both Harmony Ringers and Sun City Ringers.  This is a fun concert to play –  as we found out today!  Both concerts are free.

Check out our EVENTS link for times and locations.   See you there!

Spring Concert

The Holidays were a wonderful time of Music and Harmony.  Christmas music played on bells is a magical experience!  Nothing beats being there in person, unless you are the bell ringer, of course!  Our Holiday concert season ended with Twelfth Night, a mass ringing concert in January.  There were over 130 bell ringers present – each contributing their musical talents to create an amazing experience.

Now we are in full swing of our Spring Season rehearsals.  I especially like the selection of music our director, Janet Ty, has picked out for us.  We are playing classical, dance and a bit of jazz.  Harmony Ringers actually has one song that is nearly completely malleted!  Too much fun!  Check out our “Events” for our next concert.  We hope to see you there!

P.S.  If you are interested in playing handbells in Las Vegas, NV., contact our director, Janet Ty,  for information on finding the right group for you.  (While it can be fun playing extra bells, sometimes we just would prefer to have another set of hands!)“`


Rehearsals and Performances

Harmony Ringers is in full swing of rehearsals.  Our first performance of the season will be held next week at the US Bank building.  This is a fun tradition we have been able to do each year, we play in the lobby as people come and go.  Others in the building open up their doors and windows to the lobby so that the music can enter their offices above.  We love to play here because it is fun!

We had several commitments canceled this year because so many businesses and organizations are not having Christmas parties after all.  Everyone is tightening their budgets and we are sad because we love to perform.  We are excited for the “Bank Job” as well as “Twelfth Night” – where groups from all over the western states gather to play in an amazing concert of bell ringing.  I hope to see you all there!  Look for times and locations on our “Events” page.

Harmony Ringers playing at US Bank in Las Vegas

Harmony Ringers playing Christmas music at US Bank in Las Vegas

Happy Ringing!